Hot stone treatment

What is a Hot stone therapy?

Rosie uses ethically sourced, naturally harvested, untumbled, unpolished Basalt stones for her hot stone massage therapy. The Basalt stones Rosie uses for  bodywork were created by the long, slow cooling method from molten lava spewed from volcanoes located in different regions of the world. These special basalt stones are chosen for bodywork and used by professionals since they retain heat better than any other kind of stone due to their high iron and magnesium content and extreme density. All this makes for longer heat retention and a much more enjoyable massage. Since the stones were formed by nature, not smoothed and reshaped by man as some are, they have wonderful, natural shapes brought about by the elements through time.

What to expect:

Hot stone massage lying on the couch with supports for comfort and towels used to ensure your modesty. Stones are strategically placed on the body and Rosie also uses the heated stones to Massage allowing her to penetrate the muscles much deeper and to aid relaxation, healing and reduce muscle pain.

If you have not been for a Holistic massage treatment It is advisable to allow 15 minutes extra for your first visit, at no extra cost to yourself, to enable a confidential case history to be taken so that Rosie can give you the best possible treatment for your needs. Rosie will keep a confidential record along with relevant notes for future treatments.

Why should you have a Hot stone treatment:

People like it and it feels nice

Brings you into an even deeper feeling of relaxation

Helps your body heal quicker and there is less tissue damage

Lets the therapist do more work on your muscles as the heat penetrates much deaper.